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Title: Kaushalam | Full Length malayalam movie ( Comedy movie ) HD | Urvashi, Shwetha Menon

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Description: Video details - 0JqosIKKi58 : Koushalam (1993) is a Malayalam comedymovie. Directed by T. S Mohan, starring Sidhique ,Urvashi ,Rohini,Sainuddin ,KPAC Sunny ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,Janardhnan ,Johny ,Mafia Sasi ,Swetha Menon & others. Kaushalam means tactics. In a broad sense, tactics means an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end. In this movie, the tactics of two theives is the central story. There are two category of thieves in the society. a person who steals, especially secretly or without open force is generally called as "A Thief". They are the common nuisance in society. The other category is political and Industrial thieves. The thefts pursue by them is knows as "Corruption". When come to industrial thieves , the word "adulteration" is used. Out of these three, the 1st category usually bites the bitterness of law. The other two are safeguarded through the loop holes of law it self. The corruption and adulteration are big social cancers. There is a cure for it, but it lies beyond the reach of common people. How a thief is born? The social circumstances are one the root causes behind the birth of a thief. The way in which he was brought up, the relations he had etc. Most of the thieves started their thefts from early child hood due to poverty. But this is so called politicians and businesspeople started their bribery and adulteration to quench their thirstof greed. The burning fire in the stomach lead most people into thefts but the money madness leads others. In this movie this equation is cross linked. Here we can find two thieves Gopinadhan & Mathunni. They never steal from Poor. They tactically robs the rich, and helps the needy. Some sort of Robinhood style. But Mathunni is a pickpocketer. Movie starts with a tactical robbery, done by Gopi in a jewellery. Followed by the intro of our heroine Maya. She is a final year law college student who is from a poor family. It was her brother's dream to see her as a advocate. But her sister in law was not much interested in her higher studies'. She usually cursed her. Their parents were passed away long back. Mariya is the neighbor of Gopi & Mathunni. One day Mathunni robbed Maya, while she was in bus. When Gopi came to know about this, he returned the money to hostel with a cooked up story. Gopi felt a crush in her, at the moment when he saw her. He introduced him self as a busy business man. On the next day Gopinadhan robbed a politician by his usual tactics and grabbed his money and he donated it to the hostel. Maya and his friends ragged Shashikala, who is the daughter of a police commissioner. Her fire of revenge started burning. One night, in a dinner party Shashikala framed Maya as a burglar for stealing the golden bracelet of a women. She had to leave from the hostel and she was pulled of from her home too. Finally she find her self a shelter in Mariya's home. Eventualy Maya saw Gopi and Mathunni. He told her all stories.In the next phase the romance between them started to gear up. Sooner, Gopi got selected for S.I training and he went for training. mathunni stopped all thefts and he started to work for daily wages. Gopi came back and took charge as the S.I. He saved Shashikala from being caught and he impressed his superiors. Because of misunderstanding Maya & Gopi got broken. She gotenrolled as lawyer. Gopi got into disputes with Chackochan muthalali.On the other hand, the stuffs in museum got steeled by Chacochan's hinge men. Mean while Gopi gives the resignation letter. After that he came to know about the robbed stuff in Chackochan's Godown. Now the movie stretch to climax. Will Gopi wear his uniform again? Will the problems between him & Maya gets solved/ Watch full movie and reveal it.

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