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Title: MALAYALAM FULL MOVIE CHAKORAM | Full Malayalam movie

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Description: Video details - kwIClfZrsX8 : Watch Full length Malayalam movie "Chakoram" (1994) is a family classic movie. Directed by M. A Venu, Starring Shanthi Kirshna, Murali, philomina, Cochin Haneefa, Kuthiravattom pappu, Mamukoya and others. Chakoram is a pure family movie. But the story line is in a bit new module comparing to the 90 s frame. In a fatherless family there shall be always some one, who will be the bearer of all responsibility and pit of sorrow. He or she will juice himself or herself for the sake of other family members. May be that will end as a sacrifice. The family offspring's will fetch their life goals. And eventually forgets the one who is responsible for it. This is a hard fact in life. Which glorifies 'USE AND THROW" . Chakoram handles this subject in heart of story. In here Sharadha is that Person. After her parents gone, she took the responsibility of her brothers and her sister.Like said she settled all their lives, except herself. She is professionally a doctor, and working in a Hospital. But still single. And no one cares about this. Because of all this she is very aggressive. So the native people calls her "Unniyarcha".Movie starts with a scene from her home. Even though she is very aggressive she was very devoted to God, Naniyamma is her servant and only living being in home.Sreedharan kartha is a Ayurvedic Doctor , he was also unmarried, And he wished to marry her. Govindankutty is her young. Surendran is her brother in law. Shantha is her younger sister. Mukundan Menon is a ex-service man. The movie starts in this character line up. In the first part Chakoram draws the frustrations and emotions of an Un Married woman. Also the attitude of society towards her. Sharada gets no consideration from any one. She had already given the shares of her brothers and sisters. Govindankutty demands more from her. She gives land but strictly opposes it's sale. But he manages and sales it to Mukundan Menon. From that point movie gets some more brightness. Sharada tries her best to get him rid off. But he never minds it. On the other hand he starts to build a house. To be frank we may feel his so called military style to be a bit over whelmed. But we can give the consideration hence it's done by Murali. When the story line goes Mukundan Menon gets injured and admitted to hospital. He says his story to her, first time in life she feels a soft corner to a man.But she don't tell it. The movie goes to climax. So what may be that? can we expect a feast? Go for the full movie brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.Malayalam movie channel Recommended For You____________________________________________________________________Watch Malayalam movie - Aathithalam - Malayalam full movie - Aarattu ( Classic Romantic Thriller) - Malayalam full movie - Vakeel vasudev (Comedy) - Malayalam full movie - Chuzhalikattuy (Romantic Thriller) -

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