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Title: Malayalam Full Movie - Ariyaatha Bandham (Family Drama)

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Description: Video details - YsMnzZD1Qag : This is a Malayalam full movie Ariyatha Bandham (1986). Starring Sujatha, Rahman, Amala, Senthil, Kovai sarala, Jaya shankar & others.Movie Synopsis-----------------------Ariyatha Bandham (1986) is a Malayalam classic family movie. Directed by Shakthi. Starring Sujatha, Rahman, Amala, Senthil, Kovai sarala, Jaya shankar & others.You can call this as one of best malayalam classic stories ever in history. Not only the story it's execution is also in perfect state. You may not feel the clock speed in this movie. In the story line it's not much complex, but has the magic touch which may tremble most of the Audience. "Ariyatha bandham" lights the hard and thick honey of love in every mother's heart. Yes in one line we may say this movie as a good piece of art more than just a movie. If we check the character line up. Kannan is a professional dancer. Not just a dancer he is currently the owner and authority of a Dance Organization. Many students stays with him and learns the magics within dance. He teaches both classic and cinematic dance. But each has it's own hand script So he is very famous among other dance professionals. So we may understood he is devoted to the dance. Kannan is now living like an Orphan. Actually he is not. He had a very touching past. Movie starts with a shot in his dance school with his lessons. Revathi is his office staff. Parvathy and Nadarajan are his helpers. Revathi has a poverty back ground. Her father is sick,her sister and brother are amateur. Lets take a look at Kannan's history. He had a rich family. But his father was weak towards woman. Which always made issues in between him and kannan's mother Lakshmi. One day he came with his so called second wife. Lakshmi cannot withstand it. She left the home.For Kannan's sake she left him in their. But little Kannan also left because of the immense torture from his father. Some how he grown up and became a good dancer. Lakshmi was his Guru. In the movie this flash back revolves in middle and makes a good feel of family story. On the other hand his father Papanamkodu Bala Subramanyam, suffered a lot from his second wife and finally she too left him taking his most of wealth. In the story line Kanna feels romance with Revathy when he saw her tremendous attitude towards dance and her talent. Mean while Lakshmi came the school seeking a Job. And Kannan realized his lost diamond. Yes this is one of the most astonishing moments in the movie. You may see some fight sequences also which adds a action blend a little to the pot. But Kannan not opens his identy to Lakshmi. And the movie reaches to climax so what may be it? Will Lakshmi realize her blood? Is any other surprise waiting? switch to full movie , brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.Directed by: ShakthiProduced by: Saj ProductionWritten by : Vimala RamaniStarring: Sujatha, Rahman, Amala, Senthil, Kovai sarala, Jaya shankar & others.Recommended For You--------------------------------WATCH MALAYALAM MOVIES ONLINE http://hotnsourmoviechannel.comWATCH MORE MALAYALAM MOVIES MALAYALAM COMEDY MALAYALAM KIDSTV @ MALAYALAM FULL MOVIES

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