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Title: Pelleedu Pillalu (1982) - Full Length Telugu Film - Sarath Babu - Sumalatha - Suresh - Vijayashanti

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Description: Video details - 2EXX6F0vSQA : Watch Pelleedu Pillalu Full Movie, starring Suresh, Vijayshanti, Sumalatha, Sarath Babu, Sangeetha, Sai Chand, J V Somayajulu among others. Directed by Bapu and produced by D.Madhusudhana Rao. Music Composed by M. S. Viswanathan.Plot:On her deathbed, the sister of P.V. Rao (J.V. Somayajulu) entrusts him the custody of her property along with daughters Durga (Sangeetha) and Shanti (Vijayashanti). After her death, he usurps the property and arranges Durga's marriage with a pauper Chalapati (Sarath Babu). After learning maternal uncle's intentions, Durga prepares and sells household items along with Shanti for livelihood. Learning that Rao's son (Suresh) is her cousin, Shanti starts teasing him along with her friend Annapoorna (Sumalatha). After learning their relation, he too starts liking Shanti. Upon hearing about Shanti and his son, Rao accuse the sisters of usurping his property through his son. This enrages Durga, who starts an eatery in front of her uncle's hotel and develops it into a hotel to pull down his business. Rao is bedridden with his business going down. Meanwhile Durga fixes Shanti's wedding with Chandram (Sai Chand), Ananapoorna' s love interest. When Shanti learns this, she informs Rao about her intent to wed his son and requests his help in this matter. Reformed Rao assures her of this and instructs Shanti to follow her sister. On the wedding day, with help of Chalapati, Annapurna and her mother (Rama Prabha), Rao arranges the wedding of Shanti with his son and that of Annapoorna with Chandram. Durga gets angered at the turn of events. The story ends on a happy note with everyone present explaining Durga about the situation. For More Latest Videos, please check out

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