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Title: Romantic N Classic Malayalam full Movie LORRY

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Description: Video details - f6IBFuGKNzA : This is a malayalam full movie Lorry (1980). Starring Achankunju, Balan K. Nair, Nithya, Meenakumari, Prathap Pothan & others.Movie Synopsis-------------------------Lorry (1980) is a Malayalam romantic drama film directed by Bharathan and written by Padmarajan. It stars Achankunju, Balan K. Nair, Nithya, Meenakumari, Prathap Pothan & others. Lorry mean the truck used for goods transportation in India. This movie is about the life style and family life of a Lorry driver and the same of street circus people. As you may know most of the street circus people kidnaps children from homes and peels out the eyes or make the handicapped, in order to use for begging or singing. Some are trained for circus. But all of they are brutally suffered from their so called masters. They losses their child hood and their parent lost their child. The only gain is for the kidnapper. Still this persists in some parts of world. The girls are in most pathetic situation in such street lives. Most of they cruelly molested. In this movie the central charactor is such a girl. Her name is Rani. She was kidnapped by Velan, who is a the said street circus fellow. He is unmarried too. He a brutal guy. He had kidnapped some other children too, and used for circus.One of the child's eye had been peeled off and used him for singing. Which reveals the ultimate cruelty in his blood. Ousepp is a local Lorry driver, his assistant is Dasappan. He was an orphan too. Thankamma and her daughter Leela are local prostitutes. Damu is a pimp. This is the charactor line up in movie. Movie starts with a kidnapping seen of Velan. He tactically gives sleeping chocolates to a child and takes him off. In the following song we may see the same child's eye have peeled off and later he sells the child to a beggar racket. This is emerged to show the brutality of Velan. In the next shot we may se Rani with her circus activities, mean while Dasappan sees while they are back from a trip. Ouseph tactically sets an friendship between him and Achankunju.But his intention was Rani. Meanwhile Dasappan and Rani fells in love. They realized both are orphans. One by birth and the other by destiny. They plans to get married. Velan finds some crush on the grown up girl. Which makes Rani too much irritated and disappointed. Eventually Velan came to know about their affair, and he losses his temper. He beats her brutally and frightens her. At night Rani & Dasappan plans to go from their black hands. But unfortunately Velan sees, but they manages to get in to the Lorry. But Ousepp were also inside it.He takes them. On the way Ouseph beats Dasappan of from Lorry and takes Rani to his hut. There was a woman names Mary with his child. He said she is his wife. But Rani cried at her. She realized the innocence of her. And after some days they went to a distant place. Mary gone for land mining job and earned the daily bread. Meanwhile Dasappan got in into another Job of Lorry driver, and found Mery. Rani's & Dasappan's dreams again started to be coloured. As the days passed, they got married and started a family life. one day Ouseph saw them, and shares the news in his usual toddy shop, Velan also heard this and gone along with him. Now what may happen? What may be Rani's ultimate destiny? What the two cruel beasts plans to do? See the full movie and reveal it. Directed by : Bharathan Produced by : Rajamma HariWritten by : PadmarajanStarring : Achankunju, Balan K. Nair, Nithya, Meenakumari, Prathap Pothan & others.Recommended For You--------------------------------WATCH MALAYALAM MOVIES ONLINE http://hotnsourmoviechannel.comWATCH MORE MALAYALAM MOVIES MALAYALAM EVERGREEN MOVIES FUNNY CARTOONS MALAYALAM FULL MOVIES

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