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Title: Soappu Seepu Kannadi | Best Comedy Movie | Nagesh, Vijaya Nirmala

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Description: Video details - m1lu5A7wJGw : Soppu Seepu Kannadi (சோப்பு சீப்பு கண்ணாடி) is a 1968 Tamil . Directed by Thirumalai-Mahalingam.Madhu (Nagesh), eldest son of a rich respectable family, is compelled by his family members to get married. Unwilling to marry before getting an employment on his own, even though he does not require it due to his family background, he leaves his home to escape from the marriage torture. He gets into a train without a ticket and gets trapped to ticket checker. Along with him, another boy Sadha who is also from a rich family gets trapped for the same reason and both are thrown away from the train. Both roam around the city until they help a man from getting drowned into the river while fishing. In return, the man offers a salesman job to Madhu and driver job to Sadha in his cosmetic company Kurangu Mark Soap [Monkey brand Toilets]. Madhu performs his best to achieve a target of Rs.5000 per day. One of the man suggests to visit a home at Shennoy Nagar where he can expect a good business order.Latha is a college student and a daughter of a businessman in Shennoy Nagar. Latha's mother leaves to visit her relatives' home to plan for her daughter's marriage. Latha, her father and their cook have separate keys to the home for convenience. Madhu visits Shennoy nagar which is Latha's home to get an order. Latha's father who does not know Madhu is inside the home locks the house and leave. Now Madhu is trapped inside a home at Shennoy nagar. Sadha searches him in and around Shennoy nagar but could not find him. Latha returns home and faints on seeing a stranger. Madhu convinces her by explaining his situation. Slowly both develop a interest for each other become involved. Latha's father has to leave for Bombay and takes Latha to her aunt's house. Latha promises Madhu that she will return by midnight without her aunt's knowledge. Sadha who searches his friend enquires about him to a group of robbers. He tells them that his friend has company's money with him. Robbers plan to loot the money.Latha and robbers come to home at midnight. Madhu and Latha struggle to save the money from the thieves but in vain. Madhu chases the robbers and passers by mistake Madhu as thief and call 101 fire department instead of 100 to call police. People from fire department arrive and rush to put off the fire on seeing a smoke which is actually not a fire smoke but flour dust. The robbers are caught by the patrol police and money is saved. After all confusions and explanations, Madhu understands that he actually arrived to the home of the girl whom his family compelled to marry. Madhu agrees to get married on the account he has a job on his own as his wish.

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