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Title: Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu Full Movie | New Malayalam Full Movie | HD Video | Jayasurya

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Description: Video details - 0T56CVLGMhY : Payyans (2010) is a Malayalam family movie. For related movies and programs with this content please visit our web site For the story of entire Malayalam cinema & Movie infos please visit . Directed by Leo Thadeus. Starring Jayasurya ,Anjali (Tamil) ,Lal ,Suraj Venjaramoodu & others. Here the word "Payyans" indicates the youngster. In the far most derivative, the writer sketches the so called 'New Gen Youth" who is bound to celebrates their lives rather than taking responsibilities. A widower sacrifices a lot for her children, her dreams, her passion and so many things. Her only hope lies in the future of her children. In this story, we could see a mother who has a 'New gen Son", which is a too inappropriate combination. The dramatic culture change in this modern era has brought spontaneous change in the attitude of our children. In their world the place for parents are dislodged and has occupied by his or her friends. They are busy with their daily activities and forgets the family matters. The chemistry in a family relation is very important, but such change of culture always makes the life a bit hard. We need modern science , technologies, inventions, apparatus , modern medicines and all, but should we need a modern culture. The main draw back of this new generation is the in incapability, inefficiency and disobedience of taking responsibilities. Like said some 'I Don't care" attitude. The saddle of family is meant to be handed over to their offspring. But nowadays the saddle is getting loose. This situation will be terrible, if the either of the parent, especially a father had passed away. Then the mother's situation will be pathetic. She would have to do any job for daily bread. But her hope for a bright future remains fueled. Having a son like said above is like adding water to hat fuel. he years of handwork, patience, commitment, all getsinto vain. Like said Pathma is the widower. He husband John was a Merchant Ship captain. Long back he was taken refugee and got murdered by the LTTE. She came to Cochin with her son, Josy. and started a living. But Padma finds it too hard to make ends meet as she had taken a huge loan for Josy's studies and for buying the bunglow, that was a dream home of Josy's dad. But she didn't give up. She fought with bravery and she lived for her son. She decided each and everything in his life. Also she had done all the house hold works in the house, which eventually turned Josy into a lazy fellow. He found pleasure in loitering with his friends. Kuttappan, who was John's close friend was the only helping hand in her life. With her job in a private firm, the family struggled to pay the debts. But still Josy remained unemployed. He had joined for Engineering, but still some papers were in pursuit. After much insistence from his mother, Josy takes up as job as a radio jockey and there he falls in love with Seema , a sound engineer in the same FM. But certain incidents towards the midway forces Josy to move out of his home, leaving his mother alone One day pathma got a shocking call from her husband, Johny ! . Yes, he is alive, the LTTE kept him alive for their personal needs. Her joy knew no bounds. But as usual destiny showed his ugly face again. She got an accident and died in hospital. Josi became alcoholic. But before it's too late, Johny came back for him. On the first days they were good friends. But after some days he started to put strict outlines, which was quite tough job for Josy. One day he lied to him and went for a hangout. But on the next day, Johny took him to sea. And challenged him to come home. Which was the peak of limit. Josy lost his temper and behave so rude.Johny left him. Josy felt very disappointing and lonely. Now the Jayasurya movie stretches to climax. After some days he accidentally got the diary of his mother. The contents made him burst into tears. What was they? Will Josy get his father back. Will he forgive to him? Watch full Jayasurya movie Payyans and reveal it.

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