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Title: Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu | Full Malayalam Movie | Mohanlal, Nandini

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Description: Video details - j6SSEYCRaZ0 : Ayal Kadhayezhuthukayanu (English: He's Writing the Story) is a 1998 Malayalam romantic comedy Psychological thriller film directed by Kamal and written by Sreenivasan. It tracks the travails of a wasted pulp fiction writer Sagar Kottapuram (Mohanlal) and his friend Ramakrishnan (Sreenivasan), who are dragged into a lawsuit by a vengeful Tahsildar S. Priyadarshini (Nandini).Ramakrishnan (Sreenivasan), the newly appointed Tahsildar in the city comes to take over the charge but he is refused to be given the charge by the present Tahsildar S. Priyadarshini (Nandini). Priyadarshini is a strict officer and is much hated by the staff and associates in the Taluk Office. So they readily offers to help Ramakrishnan and arranges him a home next to Priyadarshini's house for him to stay during the interim. Meanwhile Sagar Kottapuram (Mohanlal), a friend of Ramakrishnan and a novelist, comes to stay with him. But he mistakenly enters Priyadarshini's house, completely drunk, and sleeps in her bed. When Priyadarshini comes home she mistakes him to be a thief and calls the police arresting him. But the Local SI being a fan of Sagar's novels lets him off his charges. That night Sagar gets into a fight with Priyadarshini and vows to get her off her Tahsildar post within 24 hours. The next day Ramakrishnan himself assumes the charge as Tahsildar according to Sagar's instruction. When Priyadarshini comes and sees this, she locks him inside the office room. Sagar calls him and gets to know this. He informs the press about the Tahsildar being locked inside the room by the previous Tahsildar. The press rushes to the scene, the district collector comes and suspends Priyadarshini. Ramakrishnan and Sagar celebrate their victory. The next day Priyadarshini comes to their home and apologizes. She invites them for breakfast. During the breakfast Sagar and Priyadarshini gets to an argument and Priyadarshini becomes hysterical and tries to suicide by using the table knife. Sagar and Ramakrishnan try to hold her back to but the servant mistakes them to be molesting Priyadarshini, sreaming and running out of the house. They get arrested for rape attempt. Maamachan (Innocent), the owner of the magazine ‘’Manchadi’’ gets them out on bail. Sagar wants to take revenge but is calmed down by Maamachan and Ramakrishnan. But he decides to write a novel called ‘’Oru Gazzetted Yekshi’’ portraying the life of a corrupt and seditious Municipal Commissioner with her appearance matching Priyadarshini's to take vengeance against her. After much indirect abuses through the Novel, the rape case is being heard at the court where Priyadarshini’s advocate reveals that Priyadarshini and Sagar were previously engaged but was unmarried and that Sagar tried to rape her to revenge for this. But both didn’t know of the truth until then. Sagar then writes his own story in the novel. Years back he had been working in Dubai and his marriage was arranged with a girl called Priya by her sister. But he never gets to see her photograph. When he comes home for marriage, he hears that she has eloped with her lover the day before the marriage. This leaves Sagar heartbroken and he never returned to Dubai and become an alcoholic. Jithu, the guy with whom Priya has eloped comes to see him after the current turn of events and he reveals that Priya is his cousin and they studied together in Ootty. Once during their start of vacation, at the farewell party, Priya accidentally drinks liquor and gets unconscious on their way home. They leaves the bus and at a hotel she gets her a shower and removes her wet clothes while covering her with a blanket. Priya when woken, mistakes that Jithu has violated her and she becomes mentally disturbed with this since this. He also reveals that after she eloped before marriage, she came to him and tried to kill him and then got transferred to a mental asylum. Sagar tries to see Priyadarshini but gets to know that she’s been admitted in a mental asylum. Feeling guilty that he’s responsible for her present situation Sagar asks the doctor and her relatives’ permission to marry her hoping that would bring her back to normal. On the day after the wedding, when Priya wakes, she still feels that her life is only haunted by her previous incident with Jithu. She is then taken to the hospital again but she finally accepts that the thoughts of her being violated was made out by her mind and acknowledges her lover for Sagar.

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