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Title: Blue (2001) [English subs retimed] Japanese movie

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Description: Video details - fB2yLH1oMnM : For English subtitles click the "subtitles/closed captions" button. Note: These new softsubs have been retimed, the faulty text has been corrected, and the missing lines of dialogue are now included. Film information below...A loner meets an outsider. Kirishima is an introverted student who doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She makes friends with social outcast Endō who she's been watching from afar. As their friendship develops, so does Kirishima's feelings.From the manga (opening prologue): "The immense sea and the sky above, our uniforms, our clumsy adolescent enthusiasm... If I had to choose a colour for all of these past things, I'd choose a deep blue."The original manga was written by Nananan Kiriko. Nananan comes from Niigata prefecture where the story takes place and the film was made (some scenes were filmed in Takaoka, Toyama prefecture). Nananan was consulted a few times during the film preparation, firstly when choosing actresses for the main characters of the two girls. NANANAN Kiriko : "I also gave my opinion for the music. While I was working on writing Blue, I always listened to the same music. This music remains associated with the manga for me and I wouldn't have liked a totally different music to accompany the film. So I got the opportunity to discuss with the musician who worked on the film, Otomo Yoshihide. I asked him to build on the folk music of the Andes. I was working at a constant pace, and this four-beat rhythm - Don, Don, Don, Don - had something a bit sad but at the same time was very dynamic. It seems to me to coincide perfectly with the deep sadness of adolescent girls who at the same time are overflowing with energy to try to move forward."Ando Hiroshi's film adaptation is a beautiful work of art and a touching portrayal of human nature. My favourite film. Hopefully one day it will be released on Blu-ray.Blue (2001)Cast:ICHIKAWA Mikako - Kirishima KayakoKONISHI Manami - Endō MasamiIMAJUKU Asami - Nakano MiekoNAKAMURA Ayano - Watanabe ChikaHIRAYAMA Yoko - Emiko SumidaOTA Ayaka - Murai AyanaProduction credits:Writer: NANANAN Kiriko (manga), HONCHO Yuka (screenplay)Producer: MIYAZAKI DaiDirector: ANDO HiroshiCinematography: SUZUKI KazuhiroMusic: OTOMO Yoshihide

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