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Title: Crash Point Berlin l Full Action Movie in Hindi Dubbed | Hollywood Movie l Niclas Sedlaczek

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Description: Video details - junb0b5mSKM : Watch - Crash Point Berlin l Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Full Hollywood Movie Plot :- Films about airplane malfunctions or crashes are some of the most tense movies out there. The concept behind those movies is that realism can put fear into the viewers minds due to the fact that it shows what could happen in a mid air collision, hull breach or anything like that. But this movie is far off this concept. The movie seems to try to be unrealistic in every single scene. Nothing of what happens in this movie is based on fact. So it is not science fiction, right? That's why this is not a "Star Wars physics criticism" type of review. This is much worse. I will not waste the readers time and explain every mistake but just a few: The airport (in the film) does not have parallel runways, as you can see in one shot but the controller confuses rwys 12L and 21L; the whole runway confusion scene is just ridiculous; what is a service plane?; why doesn't the landing aircraft's pilot see the car on the runway - or why is the plane's glide slope so steep that the pilot can't see that car on the rwy?; you can't enter a "alpha" into the transponder; no plane has a master alert sign which flashes in the MFD; the whole idea of an aircraft stalling during climb with the engines at take-off thrust is just stupid; hail to the pilot's lungs! He can breathe at over 31000 feet and claims that the air will get very thin soon - respect!; why is the ground team able to predict the crash site of the craft when it's still an hour away?; how can they download the flight computer's OS and... why?; the tornados are eurofighters when shown from a distance; what kind of an airplane is that anyway? No fly-by-wire system but a fly-by-bowden-cable system. Nice!; The fat guy uses a bike tyre as an air tank; why do they need an electrical engineer for a task that a monkey could do?; the pilots do not seem to be fully occupied, as they have time for minute-long speeches in the cabin; pilots do not switch seats; a pilot would NEVER assign the stewardess the task of switching the gear lever - and why would he anyway?; a human being cannot lift a human body hanging from a hole in the plane: The wind drag would rip him out of the plane as well; the international speed unit is KIAS or knots indicated airspeed or simple knots - definitely not kph; the pilot switches the engines off (using the emergency shut down ;-), to reduce the speed further. Wise choice! The rest is just too dumb to explain - believe me. If you want to reduce your chance of getting brain cancer: Just don't watch this film. Release Date :- 2010 Running time :- 1:37:01 Language : - Hindi Dubbed Star Cast : - Peter Haber, Niclas Sedlaczek, Hannes Janeicke, Maximilian von Pufendof, Devid Striesow & other Director :- Thomas Jauch Producer :- Hager Moss Film Music by :- Stephan Massimo Category :- Indian Cinema ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "द डिफरेन्ट फेस ऑफ राजनीति - सत्यराज, करन ll हिन्दी डब मूवी ll साउथ एक्शन मूवी ll HD" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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