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Title: Dosth | Malayalam super hit full movie | Ft; Dileep | Kunchcko Boban | Kavya madhavan others

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Description: Dhosth is a Malayalam film directed by Thulasidas. It stars Kunchacko Boban, Dileep, and Kavya Madhavan. The film was a superhit at the box office. Vijay (Kunchako Boban), a rich guy meets a girl Geethu (Kavya Madhavan) in Coimbatore railway station while travelling to Chennai to join engineering and it is love at first sight for Vasanth. Ajith (Dileep) also studies in same college where Vijay joins and initially both Vijay and Ajith develop clashes. Geethu is the sister of Ajith and without knowing that Vijay meets Geethu on a few more situations in Chennai and conveys his love towards her but Geethu does not reciprocate and keeps distance with Vijay. One day, Vijay saves Ajith’s life from a few thugs and this makes the two get close to each other. Ajith’s mother does not like any of Ajith’s friends visiting their home and once insults Vijay when Ajith has invited Vijay to his home. Later on his mother gets to know about Vijay’s good character and apologizes to him and also invites to their home. Now Vijay comes to know that Geethu is Ajith’s sister and feels bad that he is in love with his best friend’s sister. But Vijay’s friend tells him that there is no harm in it as Vijay started loving Geethu even before he met Ajith. This makes Vijay to continue his efforts to woo Geethu. Geethu after a point starts developing affection towards Vijay realizing his true love for her and also gets attracted by his character. Meanwhile Ajith gets furious while encountering a guy on a few more occasions. One day, Ajith informs Vijay about a problem that had occurred in Ajith’s family a few years back. Ajith had one more sister (Indhu) and she eloped with his then close friend on the day of her marriage which made Ajith’s family to abandon her.Ajith felt betrayed by his close friend. Now Vijay feels bad about his love towards Geethu and decides not to betray Ajith and his family by disclosing his love towards Geethu as he trusts his friendship more than love and starts avoiding Geethu. Geethu understands that Vijay keeps distance with her now. Ajith arranges for Geethu's wedding but she meets Vijay and requests him to marry her for which Vijay refuses as he does not want do the same mistake done by Ajith’s friend before as he values friendship more and decides to leave to Coimbatore. Suddenly Vijay gets a phone call from Ajith saying that Geethu has consumed poison and has been admitted in the hospital. Vijay rushes to hospital along with his friend where he truth to Ajith and his family. Ajith feels proud about Vijay’s value for friendship and agrees for their marriage.

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