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Title: Fire 1996 English/Hindi Movie

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Description: Video details - D_3RSky7eNw : Indian-Canadian romantic drama film,The film opens with young Radha sitting in a mustard field with her parents. Her mother tells her a story of a person who wanted to see the ocean.The film flashes forward to Sita, a newly married woman. Her husband Jatin is distant and shows little interest in Sita. Jatin is in a typical joint-family arrangement. He lives with his older brother Ashok, his sister-in-law Radha, his invalid mother (Biji) and the family servant Mundu. Ashok and Jatin run a small store that sells food and rents videotapes.Sita is in a typical arranged marriage, but learns that Jatin married her only to put an end to Ashok's nagging. Jatin continues to date his Chinese girlfriend. Sita does not rebuke him for fear that it may bring dishonour to her parents. The rest of Jatin's home is not rosy either. Biji is paralysed and speechless after a stroke, and Sita and Radha must constantly attend to her. Sita spends her days slaving in the hot kitchen, and finds herself lonely and frustrated at night because Jatin is out with his girlfriend. She yearns to break out of this stifling situation.It is revealed that Radha faces a similar problem. Many years ago, Ashok had come under the influence of Swamiji, a local preacher, who teaches that desires are the cause of suffering and must be suppressed. Ashok is completely taken by these monastic teachings and suppresses all his desires. He also donates large sums from the meager store income to treat the Swamiji's hydrocele condition. It is also revealed that Radha cannot bear children. The Swamiji teaches that sexual contact is permitted only as a means for procreation. Accordingly, Ashok aims to stamp out all his desires and has not slept with Radha for the past thirteen years. He puts Radha through an excruciating ritual in which they lie motionless next to each other whenever he wants to test his resolve. Radha is racked with guilt over her ailment and driven to frustration by the ritual. While the older Radha remains bound by tradition and subdued into silence, the younger Sita refuses to accept her fate.One evening, shunned by their husbands and driven to desperation by their unfulfilled longings, Radha and Sita seek solace in each other and become lovers. Overjoyed at finding satisfaction in this manner, they continue it in secret. They eventually realise their love for each other and start looking for ways to move out. Things take a turn when the servant Mundu becomes aware of their relationship. One day, Mundu causes Ashok to walk in on Radha and Sita.Ashok is horrified. He is also shattered when he finds this incident has stoked his own long-dormant desire. He confronts Radha, who overcomes her subservience and pours out her emotions. Amid this argument, Radha's sari catches fire. Ashok angrily watches her burn without helping. Radha puts out the flames and recalls her mother's advice from when she was young. She can finally see her ocean. She leaves Ashok.The film ends with Radha moving out and joining Sita.written and directed by :- Deepa Mehta.Cast :- Shabana AzmiNandita DasKulbhushan Kharbanda

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