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Title: Gehri Chot | Full Movie | Shashi Kapoor | Sharmila Tagore | Parveen Babi | Superhit Hindi Movie

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Description: Video details - 5ZyoDsvk8yQ : Superhit Hindi Movie Gehri Chot (1986) Starring: Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Raj Babbar, Parveen Babi, Nadeem Baig, David Abraham. Producer: Jagdish Bahroos, Shamim Ahmed, Director: Ambrish Sangal Synopsis: Arun Khanna (Shashi Kapoor) is an NRI from Toronto, Canada who marries a traditional Indian woman Shobha (Sharmila Tagore). They have a son named Raju (Raj Babbar) and a daughter named Pinky (Bobita). Shobha finds it difficult to fit into the Western lifestyle in Canada and eventually separates from Arun after suspecting him of an affair with his secretary. Shobha decides to take her son Raju back with her to India while Arun stays in Canada with his daughter Pinky. 20 years pass by and the family is reunited when Pinky is kidnapped by some gangsters led by psycopathic killer Tony (Nadeem Baig). Tony develops an obsession with Pinky and falls in love with her. Pinky initially resists him but eventually she too falls in love with him. Raju is brought to Canada by his mother Shobha, unaware of Arun being his father. He is told by Shobha that Arun is an old family friend who needs help finding his daughter. Raju enlists the help of Renu (Parveen Babi) to help find the gang who kidnapped Pinky. Raju soon discovers Arun is actually his father and Pinky is his sister. Raju is contacted by the kidnappers and hands over the ransom money to Tony. Tony's boss (David Abraham) realising that Tony is getting too close to Pinky decides to have Pinky killed. Tony intervenes and kills his boss and runs away with Pinky. Tony and Pinky hide out at a cottage and his boss's henchman find them and surround them, armed with guns. Raju and his family also arrive and fight off the henchmen. Pinky sees her father and runs out, while a shootout is ensuing between Tony and the henchmen. Tony runs out to save Pinky from the gunfire and is shot several times by the henchmen. Raju and Renu kill the goons and Pinky admits she loves Tony before he dies. In the end, Pinky reunites with her father, mother and brother.

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