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Title: Jatt Jeona Morh | Full Punjabi Movie | Popular Punjabi Movies | Gugu Gill - Gurkirtan

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Description: Starring : Gugu Gill, Gurkirtan Directed by : Ravinder Ravi Release date : 1991 Country : India Language : Punjabi Synopsis : Jeona Morh (Gugu Gill), was an extremely strong and religious young man who eventually became a bandit and robbed many villages. He lived during the British Raj in Punjab. Before turning to crime he lived happily with his brother and his wife. Jeonas brother was an undercover bandit, and the only person who had knowledge of this was his dearest friend, Dogar, who later reported him to the police; as there was a hefty reward on his head. During his brothers arrest the corrupted police severely beat his brothers pregnant wife and eventually killed her. Jeonas brother was convicted and sent to Kala Pani Prison. Jeona Morh fled into the jungles where he met a gang of bandits and eventually became their leader and vowed to take revenge. Jeona Morh had murdered every person who had any involvement in the ill treatment of his family before finally being shot multiple times to death. This is the Most Popular Punjabi Movie. This Hit Punjabi Movie is available for Free Online Watch on Youtube. Powered By : Catrack Worldwide (

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