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Title: John Barrymore In Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde 1920 - Full Hollywood Movie | Silent Drama 1920

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Description: Video details - nJqyQiGf_bY : Doctor Henry Jekyll believes that there are two sides to men, a good side and an evil side. He tries to separate the two by experimenting with chemicals and ends up becoming a beast.IMDb Rating:7/10The film is based upon Robert Louis Stevenson's novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and starring actor John Barrymore.The film was directed by John S. Robertson and co-starred Nita Naldi. The scenario was by Clara Beranger.This story of split personality has Dr. Jekyll a kind and charitable man who believes that everyone has two sides, one good and one evil. Using a potion, his personalities are split, creating havoc.John Barrymore as Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward HydeBrandon Hurst as Sir George CarewMartha Mansfield as Millicent Carew, Sir George's daughterCharles Willis Lane as Dr. Richard LanyonGeorge Stevens as Poole, Jekyll's butlerNita Naldi as Miss Gina, Italian artistCecil Clovelly as Edward EnfieldJ. Malcolm Dunn as John UttersonWatch Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde 1920 Full HD Movie | Silent Horror Movie | Full Length Hollywood Movies

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