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Title: Malayalam Full Movie Collector Maalathi | Prem Nazeer Old Malayalam Full Movie | 2016 Upload

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Description: Video details - NWGDGi1ySqs : This is a Malayalam Full Movie Cochin Express(1967). Starring Prem Nazeer ,Adoor Bhasi ,GK Pillai ,Sankaradi ,Sheela ,Sakunthala ,Devakibhai ,Vijayalalitha ,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair ,Lakshmi (Old) and others.Movie Synopsis "Cochin Express" (1967) is a vintage Malayalam action movie. Directed by M. Krishnan Nair. Staring Prem Nazeer ,Adoor Bhasi ,GK Pillai ,Sankaradi ,Sheela ,Sakunthala ,Devakibhai ,Vijayalalitha ,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair ,Lakshmi & others. This half century old movie deserves an applause, since it has a tremendous script and execution. As said in the tittle, this movie is linked with a train journey. To be specific, a theft and murder in a train journey. Even if this movie is one of it’s kind back in the seventies, this still has the significance in this decade. In India, the train journey is unsecure as before. If frankly speaking, the present laws are in-capable to hunt down the culprits. The Soumya murder case is an example. She was brutally tortured and molested by a cold blooded criminal named Charley Thomas, who was renamed by Media as Govinda Chammy. Even he was an handicapped man, he committed such as brutal murder. The funny thing is this incident has happened nearly five years ago, but still the so called trial is not over. He claims himself as a beggar, but still no one has much idea about the person who funded for his trials, even up to the supreme court. So it's clear that there is a mafia behind him. In this society such gang of criminals takes down the law and justice. The judiciary and police could not do more against them. The most pathetic matter is, the lawyers who are taken the oath to protect the law are now speaking for the criminals, just for money. On the other hand, these criminals get money through trafficking ,smuggling etc. They traps the poor people by offering money and exploits them. In many train robberies such mafia uses them to do theft.As said in the introduction, this movie is based on a train journey. Madhava Menon is a rich business man. He went to Madras for the purpose of case. And he in return journey, he purchased some gold for the marriage of his daughter.In his compartment, his co-passengers were Unnikrishnan Nair & a girl named Kalavathi. Unnikrishnan Nair & Kalavathi became friends in no time. The train was going to Ernakulam. On the way the train stopped at Kadpadi station, and both of them went for a tea. But she was intelligent. She left him in the restaurant and took a car. Unnikrishnan lost the train and he informed the station master. He called the next station to take down his luggages. But when Unnikrishnan reached the station he find that, Madhava Menon had got murdered. He was taken in to custody under suspicious circumstances. In the police investigation it's found that , the luggage of Menon was lost. So the police assumed that the murder was due to a theft attempt. The CID officer Rajan has got assigned to investigate the murder case. From questioning Unnikrishnan he found that he is innocent. So he started the investigation through the leads of Unnikrishnan. They went behind Kalavathi. She introduced her self as a dance in a dance school. They went to the dance school in Alwaye for her, but the Kalavathi in there was another woman. Unnikrishnan Nair accidentally saw her, while she was entering into a hotel. He called Rajan. But before he come she escaped from there. They went back to Madras for investigation. Rajan & Unnikrishnan took a hotel room in Madras. Rajan met his class mater Geetha in there. She was working there as a receptionist. Unnikrishnan got threatened by a stranger. He challenged him not to identify Kalavathi. But he decided to help Rajan. Next day Unnikrishnan got kidnapped. But Rajan managed to find the place and he smashed all the Villains. Now the the movie reaches a thrilling climax. Unnikrishnan disguised himself as a rich man and he entered into the train with Rajan. Now the miracle happens. Our Kalavathi jumps into the train like before. Now the mystery unfolds, who is she? Who murdered Menon? Is there any surprises? Switch to full movie and reveal all mysteries. Watch this exciting movie.Directed by - M Krishnan NairProduced by - TE VasudevanWriter - V DevanStarring - Prem Nazir, Sheela, Adoor Bhasi and Sankaradiand others.Recommended channels and play list-------------------------------------------------------------►WATCH MALAYALAM ONLINE MOVIES @►WATCH NEW MALAYALAM MOVIE- WEEPING BOY@

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