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Title: Malayalam Full Movie Randam Varavu | Jayaram,Sukumaran, Devan, Babu Antony, Rekha movies

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Description: Video details - CdnsMfT5Hbo : This is a Malayalam Full Movie Randaam Varavu (1990). Starring Jayaram, Soman, Sukumaran, Devan, Babu Antony, Rekha, Jagathy Sreekumar, Charuhassan,Bheeman Raghu, Janardhanan, Jagannadha Varma, Ganesh Kumar and others. Movie Synopsis ----------------------- Randaam Varavu(1990) is a Malayalam Movie.Directed by K Madhu, Starring Jayaram,Soman, Sukumaran, Devan, Babu Antony, Rekha, Jagathy Sreekumar, Mamukoya, Charuhassan, Pankaj Dheer, Kollam Thulasi, Bheeman Raghu, Janardhanan, Jagannadha Varma, Ganesh Kumar and others.""Randaam Varavu"" means ""the return"". There are a bunch of movies in Malayalam narrating about the drug smuggling. ""Randam Varavu"" has a good step among them. Movie says about the Life of an Air India pilot, Jayakumar. Who had a very good family life, which 's later ruined by the dirty hands of drug mafia. Actually it's a good reminder for society, any one may be the preys of these notorious mafia. We must be alert and careful. Moreover we don't need to be over concerned. Only demanding a bit more care in our daily life. Also to keep a foot far from such folks who are already in our friends circles. Lets have a look in the character line up. Like said Jayakumar had a love marriage. Indu is his beloved wife, her father R. S Nair, who is a millionaire as well as a widower. He was against for the marriage (as usual). Jayakumar had lead a very straight forward life, even if he had a very good chance not to be. Samuel Achayan is his co-officer, who is portrayaled as a good guy in the begining. But he had some hidden business too. Gopi is Jayakumar's close friend and his wife is Omana. They are the most close family to them. Both are Air India staffs. Vasu is a crucket criminal. Vishnu is the suprantant of Police in narcotic cell. Hariprasad is a straight forward lawyer moreover he is ex-DYSP too.Shastrikal is a world famous Indian classic musician. Movie starts with the intro of airport, where Shastrikal, R. S nair and others are arrived and coming out along with Jayakumar. In the first part of movie. the story is a portfolio about a typical love married couple, their small small happiness and rejoices. That brings a bit romantic colour to the movie in the begining. Samuel Achayan arranges a good and massive party for the inauguration of his new house. One day the couple got their most precious gift from god. Yes, Indu gets pregnant. She sents him to his father's to convey the message. But he don't mind any of his words. Jayakumar got a message about his Uncle's dead anniversary. He promised Indu to be returned in one day. But that journey was the Journey of all disasters in his life. When he reached his native place, it was passed mid night. So he took a shared taxi. There were three more passengers on the rear. On the way two of them tried ran back when they saw a police checking. One of the chased by police. But accidentally the other one has gone with Jayakumar's brief case. The poilce questioned every one. When he opend the case, it was brown sugar. No one believed his words. He got arrested for drug smuggling. He was taken into custody and tortured immensely. Indu gone to many lawyers but no one was ready to take the case. One the other hand Jayakumar was facing the most ugly days of his life. Vasu always breat him without any reason. Actually Vishnu was a drug dealer. So he deliberately tried his best to lock Jayakumar forever. Fortunately Indu got a chance to meet Hariprasad. He promised her to get him out. He had also a history of disasters with the same drug mafia. With his effort Jayakumar got bail. Vishnu came along with Das, who is also a police officer. Both threatened Vishnu not to go further and to give the case. Mean while Jayakumar finded the real face of Samuel Achayan , when he saw him with the same other guy who ran with his real suit case. Next day Samuel got killed. The movie stretches to climax, Jayakumar got released from court from his all charges. And Hariprasad got killed. And finally Jayakumar found the real head of all these drug businesses. He felt shocked. So who was that? Find it out. Watch full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company. Recommended channels and play list ------------------------------------------------------------- WATCH MALAYALAM MOVIES ONLINE WATCH MORE MALAYALAM MOVIES WATCH MALAYALAM COMEDY MOVIES ► Circle us on Malayalam Movies G+ : htt

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