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Title: Mr. Idiot 2 (2017) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Nagarjuna, Trisha Krishnan

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Description: Video details - sBSQEd92Yv4 : The Story is about Chandra Pratap Varma AKA King hails from a royal family, having taken over the legacy and riches after the death of his father Raja Varma. King has a younger brother Ajay, mother, maternal uncle and his late father's three sisters, who are married. The uncles steal money, which's for the workers. They make it look like that the employee Chandu's responsible. King believes and fires Chandu. Suddenly, King knew that the uncles hid the money in their room. He kept quiet cuz of his aunts, mother, etc. He didn't want to ruin his family's honor. King's uncles are jealous of his power. King's brother gets kidnapped by henchmen of a rival business man named Bhagat. King rescues his younger brother. King's late dad's sisters' husbands plan to kill King indirectly. This planned day arrives and King goes away on a business trip where he meets his bodyguard, Munna and another employee, Swapna. Before King leaves airport, this mysterious guy's after King. Guy tries to shoot King, but misses. King chases him to graveyard, but doesn't see him. Unfortunately, Swapna was working with mysterious guy all along and Swapna shoots King who's presumed dead. King's bodyguard sees King in cemetery, but doesn't tell police the truth. 2 of the 3 evil uncles say other evil uncle's responsible for making King go missing. 1st evil uncle escapes and it's assumed that he's responsible. Mother believes her son King's safe. Another story thread is incorporated through the introduction of gangster Bottu Seenu, who falls in love with a singer Shravani. Shravani does not care for a wastrel like Bottu Seenu, so Seenu poses as a software engineer named Sarath to impress her. Shravani's elder brother knows B.S. but I don't know if Srihari would get mad about B.S. loving Shravani. B.S. pretends to be Sarath who wears tie, shirt, and pant, Srihari gets fooled too. Real sarath imposes Raghu rokda in front of a cop by mistake. Cop mistakes Sarath as B.S. and beats him up really bad in hilarious way. Meanwhile, the villainous uncles send goons to look for King, thinking he's still alive. They run into Seenu and he thrashes them. Same 1st evil uncle proposes a deal to Seenu, and asks him to pose as King and return to the palace. Shravani and Srihari mistaken him as Sharath again. They accompany him to palace. Another twist's that Munna's evil too. He has picture of King's dead body, time, and day. Swapna's none other than Chandu's daughter, but he committed suicide cuz nobody believed him. She and mysterious shooter were hired by Bhagath and mysterious shooter's Baba. Now's she's hired to kill King's bro. King's brother brings home his fiancee Pooja/Swapna. Suddenly, B.S. attacks Pooja, but few seconds later, he has no idea what happened. Srihari believe King's spirit came to get revenge and controlled Sharath. Sharath/B.S. gets engaged to Shravani. Swapna knows that it's not King who's living in the palace right now. Bhagath hires bunch of guys including Baba to dress up in black and kill King's imposter and brother in palace during night. Bhagath doesn't trust girls so tells baba to kill Swapna. Sarath/BS's controlled by King's spirit and saves Deepak from Swapna. Another twist: King's bro met Swapna rt before she killed King. She feels that Deepak depends on his brother too much so he told her to kill King. 3rd twist: BS/Sharath is revealed as King. He calms his bro down. Munna's revealed as a good guy, but captures Baba. Baba reveals his motive for killing Deepak, Swapna, and Swapna is Chandu's daughter. Swapna's told what really happened that day, but doesn't kill Varma. The father and friends who took care of BS were Munna's people. Munna's real name's probably Raghu rokda. Varma says that Deepak's mistake's unforgivable. Varma's family members r feeling sad, so he decides to leave. He dies in an explosion which takes place in his car. Varma's mother leaves and doesn't want anyone to look for her. Everyone else's probably still mad at Deepak. 4th Twist's dat King's still alive. He reveals his plan to Shravani only. Same Bhagath's henchman who kidnapped Deepak at beginning of movie, King told him: "I want u to tell me Bhagath's evil plans." After King got shot, Munna took him to hospital. Swapna's details were fake, so they couldn't find her. He decided to play this double role drama. Bhagath's henchman/King's informer reveals the shooter's working for Bhagath too but didn't find details about Swapna. When King met his evil uncles again, none of them had nothing to do with it. King's informer blew up Varma's car a

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