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Title: Nagin ll Super Hit Hindi Movie ll Full Hindi Movie ll Movie Magic - Action

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Description: Nach Nachaye Nagin" | hindi dubbed Movie (2017) Charan Raj, Savitri, Guru The story of the film is loving pair of Self willed Snakes (Ichhadha- ari Naag) who are departed by a cruel Tantrik the black magic man. The black-magicinan wants to obtain the rare precious gem known as Mani, with whose help he could reach Amar Kund and have both to get rid of a curse of a woman, whose child he had killed. She had cursed him that he would die with leprosy after fifteen years. . To avoid the Tantrik, the pair of self-willed snakes become small children and merge with the crowds in a fair. The boy snake Nagesh meets a boy Kamal who resembles with him and who is a son of a rich man. Tantrik kidnaps Kamal thinking that he is Nagesh the snake boy. Similarty Nagesh is taken to the rich mans house by his servants assuming that he is Kamal. The snake girl, Mohini, reaches the gypsy father and his son, who are street singers. The Tantrik, when comes to know of his mistake, wants to kill Kamal, but the wife of Tantrik saves his life and adopts him as her son. The time moves on. Nagesh, Mohini and Kamak become young. Mohini dances in streets in search of her lost lover Nagesh. And Nagesh is in Search of Mohini as well as Nagesh also, because he has taken on oath that he would help Kamals parents to meet their lost son till then he would stay there with them as their son Kamal. Kamal, who remains with Tantrik as his son, thanks to the mercy of his wife, is also in Search of self-willed SUBSCRIBE Priya Videos Miniplex channel for more entertainment & latest updates

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