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Description: Video details - dZjpFYlYdw8 : After 10 years of being a part of the drift scene, Phil Morrison and James Robinson from Driftworks took a tour of Japan, accompanied by film maker Al Clark, and guided by Mitto Steele.The goal was to see where drifting originated. To find out why it has advanced so much, and why the drivers will risk everything to do it.We visited a huge range of tracks and workshops, we meet several different legendary Japanese drivers, and we explore the differences between Western style and JDM style driving.Full Boxset available from http://www.driftworks.comLike Outsiders FB Page: Driftworks FB Page: details:Say Goodbye - Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Steve DymondDusty Library - Terry Devine-King / Chris WarnerAura - Barrie Gledden / Steve Dymond / Jason PedderWorld of Dreams - Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Steve DymondNRG Flex - Darren Leigh PurkissThreat Level - Matt HillOn the Water - Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Steve DymondKinetic - Michael Craig / Oliver GodfreySlave to your loving - Barrie Gledden / Ryan Spendlove / Tim Reilly / Jason PedderGroundhog Day - Paul MottramAsian Market - Terry Devine-KingKoi No Radio - Bob Bradley / Erik ReiffMercurial Flight - Paul MottramElisa Do Brasil - Infatuation (feat. Miss Trouble) - (Viper Recordings)Falling Backwards - Nik KershawAnother Chance - Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Sarah WassallGroove Merchant - Bruce MaginnisSlide Ride - Alan Glen / Roger CottonBetween Worlds - Metrik - (Viper Recordings)Flight of Fantasy - Dan Skinner / Adam SkinnerASBO - Bob Bradley

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