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Title: Pariwaar

Added on: 2018-08-17 03:39:33 Total Views: 1,070

Description: Video details - iGDNKtmrKeg : The story depicts about, 'Genuine relationships that can never be scattered -- and result of good deeds is always good'. Kishan has lost his parents since his childhood and has to hold all the responsibilities of his three younger brother's Mohan, Anuj and Arvind and his grandmother. Whereas, somehow he was satisfying his brother's by giving them parents love. Being the elder brother all the household tasks, brother's education and to take care of them is carried by Kishan. He was happily carrying on all the responsibilities. As a result his brother's been very happy with him and was worshiping him as God. Kishan was working with the landlord Thakur Virendra Singh. He was very close with Thakur through his sincerity and truthfulness towards him. Also was very close with Thakur's daughter Sapna. Sapna had fallen in love with him. As well Thakur has also accepted their relationship. For daughter's happiness, Thakur has allotted 10 acers of land & a House to Kishan and gave him the papers as well declare their engagement. As Sapna wants his entire brother's to be kept in hostel, where Kishan oppose and thinks that after marriage Sapna will not be able to take care of his family and his family will scattered which according to Kishan this should not happen. Kishan can sacrifice all his happiness for his brother's sake. So he breaks the engagement and returns the paper back to Sapna. Thus Sapna as well her father Thakur was very annoyed with Kishan's decission. Thakur even wished hard luck for Kishan. For which Kishan also gave hardcore reply. But he was worried about one of the Thakur's curse, "As he has left his daughter alone for his brother's, a day will arise when his brother's will grow up they will forget all his deeds and will leave him alone. Then he will realize his fault". Time passed by, Kishan constantly worked day and night for his brother's bright future. Now his brother's have grown-up, Mohan couldn't study where Anuj become Policeman and Arvind passed Doctorate. Mohan gets engaged with a girl Rani who belongs to rich family, whereas Anuj gets engaged with Shraddha and Arvind gets engaged with Kajal. Kishan's entire life has passed working harder for his family happiness and has always maintained the bond between them, but now he's worried that his family should not scattered and tries to keep the connection between his families. Did Kishan passed in all the challenges given by Thakur Virendra Singh? Did his brother's have carried all his responsibilities? Will they be able to maintain relationship between them? Will Rani, Shraddha and Kajal be able to prove them as perfect brides? To get all the answers of above question, one must defiantly watch the movie, "PARIWAAR".

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