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Title: "Commissioner" | Full Malayalam Movie | Suresh Gopi, Ratheesh, Shobana | HD 720p

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Description: Video details - xdpFmciGM98 : Movie Name - CommissionerMovie Cast - Suresh Gopi, Ratheesh, Vijayaraghavan, Ganesh Kumar, Shobana, M.G. Soman, N.F. Varghese and others.Director - Shaji KailasWriter - Ranji PanikkarProducer - M. ManiMusic - RajamaniCinematography - Dinesh BabooSynopsis - The movie opens with Kozhikode city police commissioner Bharathchandran ( Suresh Gopi), an honest but brash cop, busting a gold smuggling racket in. Bharath clearly has an issue with authority and breaths fire each time he encounters a political arm bender, such as Kunju Moideen Saahib, whose gang was involved in the bust. But it his mentor and guardian angel I.G. Balachandran (M.G. Soman), who has been evidently shielding him from the wrath of the political brass.The story takes a break from Bharath to introduce the main antagonist Mohan Thomas (Ratheesh), a Delhi based business tycoon, with strong political clout and a clear sociopathic agenda. It is revealed that Mohan Thomas had entrusted Saahib with the gold, which was confiscated by Bharath and is in fact the kingpin heading an unholy nexus of politicians, criminals and various officials including two high ranking cops, Rajan Felix, I.G. Vigilance (Rajan P. Dev) and Menon, A.I.G. (N. F. Varghese), who are involved in criminal activities like instigating communal riots and large scale distribution of counterfeit currency. To know more watch full movie.To watch more videos log on to http://www.lehren.coDownload LEHREN Apps:Apple App Store Link : Play Store Link : More Updates:

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