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Title: Sandhyakku Virinja Poovu | Full Malayalam Movie

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Description: Video details - PJonmTxos8I : Dr. Baladevi (Seema) is a gynecologist. She lost her parents at a young age and is deeply attached to her only brother Thilakan (Shankar). Thilakan gets an opportunity to pursue his study in U. S. As he was about to depart, he tells Baladevi about his girlfriend Subhashini and wanted Baladevi to take care of her. The twist comes when Subhashini informs Baladevi that she was raped by a man and is pregnant. She wants Baladevi to abort her child. However, she dies during the MTP surgery and Baladevi gets into an allegation and legal case related to that death. A case is filed by Subhashini's cousin Ramu (Mohanlal), who also tries to blackmail Baladevi for money. Baladevi is helped by Adv. Jayamohan (Mammootty), who has a weakness for ladies. The verdict came in favour of Baladevi, who eventually falls for Jayamohan, whose lifestyle changes after involving in relation with her. Meanwhile, Jayamohan also reveals that Subhashini has had relations with many men including him, and Ramu was a pimp than a cousin for her.The story is based on the novel by P.R Shyamala,published in 1984.

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