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Title: Sherni Full Movie | Hindi Movies 2017 Full Movie | Bollywood Full Movies | Bollywood Action Movies

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Description: The political party heads such as BS Yediyurappa as Madivalappa played by Srinivasamurthy, BS Sriramulu of BSR Party played by Suchindra Prasad, Hanumanthe Gowda aping the newly inducted Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah, Mico Nagaraj resembling former CM HD Kumaraswamy that is even with a young wife representing Radhika actress who married the former CM Kumaraswamy, there is a terror called Narasimha for whom law and order all at his foot plus trouble shooters from every political party to gain the political mileage are focused like a documentary by director Omprakash Rao. With mayhem and kitsch at its helm the governor of Karnataka report to New Delhi for deputing a strong officer. That makes the strict disciplinarian Indira (Malashri) to take a flight to Bangalore. Indira is given full powers and with five political party leaders she picks up five mind blowing action for the conduct of 'Election' in the state. When Indira hits at opponent they go flying, bounces, one of the big tormentors go flying and fix to a hard iron rod like a portrait put on a wall. Never before and never after you would see an election commissioner of Indira status and strength in real life. The power given to this role is for the treat of front benchers and masses. Nothing works out like this in real life is a fact. Malashri for the crown of 'Action Queen' she has earned it seems nothing is possible beyond this type of role. It is action throughout and 'Dhandam Dashagunam' style is not for such officers. She is like 'Arnold' of Kannada cinema. How much Malashri is fond of action portions one could see from this film! Malashri not dubbed for this film as the force and punch was needed very strongly. All leading supporting characters tried aping the political personalities and they take the blows from 'Election Commissioner Indira'. N Omprakash Rao is known for this type of breezy action films has given the film in high speed and dashing nature for 'Election Commissioner' is truly cinematic representation. Hamsalekha background score further adds to the force and sometime itching. Cameraman Rajesh Kata is tremendous in his work. For the action lovers 'Election' is the right selection to watch. Subscribe SD Entertainment Movies Channel for Daily Unlimited Entertainment - Like Us on Facebook - Circle Us on G+ -

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