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Title: Suicide Machine Hollywood Hindi Action Movie 2016 | Peter Haber, Maximilian von Pufendorf

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Description: Video details - DDY7kePU-Go : After a mid-air collision, an uncontrollable passenger plane with 90 passengers on board speeds through the skies over Germany. The impact point for the inevitable plane crash is easily calculated: the center of Berlin. Now the race is on to prevent the catastrophe, with only two hours separating the desperate passengers and the unsuspecting inhabitants of Berlin from a tragic end.For the experienced Captain Winkler, the flight from the South of France is just another routine flight, despite the annoying presence of Niclas Sedlazcek, his young and arrogant co-pilot. While the atmosphere in the cockpit is chilly, the passengers of the charter flight happily board the plane.Among them are the medical student Nina, the quarrelling couple Anna and Claus, and the shy, chubby electronic engineer Hub. In the flight's earliest phase, a small incident sets the stage for disaster. During take-off, a small cargo plane rams the aircraft. The wing of the exploding cargo plane tears a 3-meter long rip in the fuselage of the passenger plane, creating total panic among the holiday travellers. Yet despite everyone's worst fears, the machine remains in the air. There is only one problem, and it's a big one: the avionics - the electronics that control the aircraft - have been disabled by the collision.Neither of the plane's rudders responds as the captain desperately fights for control. Instead, the plane simply gains altitude.The true significance of the catastrophe soon becomes apparent with simple physics anticipating the obvious outcome. The uncontrolled machine will follow a predictable parabolic path, with the calculated point of impact being the heavily populated centre of Berlin.On the ground, a specially coordinated crisis team is forced to make difficult decisions. The total evacuation of Berlin seems impossible.The only other option appears to be diverting the course of the speeding plane, using military force if necessary. While the terrified passengers and Captain Winkler desperately try to come up with an alternative, two military jets appear in the air as an escort. The machine reaches an altitude of 11,000 meters in the skies over Germany.It is the highest point in the plane's parabolic path - from this point on, the only direction is down.

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