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Title: Tamil Superhit Movie - Mahaprabhu - Full Movie | Sarath Kumar | Goundamani | Senthil | Suganya

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Description: Video details - JAcPNuJqVI0 : Daamodaran (Sarath Kumar) sells black cinema tickets alongside his friends Sethu (Goundamani) and Vicky (Senthil). Daamodaran is an angry man thus he promises to his mother Vellamma (Manorama) to avoid violence. Jyothi (Vineetha), Damodaran's cousin, is in love with Damodaran. Shanmugavel (Rajan P. Dev), a corrupt politician, is an influential man and even the police cannot arrest him. His son Bhaskar (Vishal) spreads terror among the college students. Eswari Pandian (Sarath Babu), an honest police officer, is determined to arrest Shanmugavel. Later, Uma (Vaishnavi), Eswari Pandian's wife, is killed by Shanmugavel and Eswari Pandian is left for dead. Thereafter, Mahalakshmi (Sukanya) moves into the house opposite to Damodaran's house. Mahalakshmi is an orphan and becomes a college lecturer. Damodaran falls in love with her but Mahalakshmi advises him to first become a decent man. Damodaran then becomes a mechanic and he also changes his behaviour. In the meantime, Bhaskar loses the college's chairman election mainly due to Mahalakshmi, who supported the other contestant. After seeing Mahalakshmi and Damodaran's love, Jyothi decides to forget him and she decides to get married with another man. Soon, Damodaran clashes with Bhaskar's henchmen to save his lover Mahalakshmi. When Bhaskar tries to undress Mahalakshmi, Vellamma interferes and she is pushed in a sewer. Finally, Mahalakshmi sets herself on fire. Damodaran comes too late and sees their dead bodies. He turns berserk and kills Bhaskar. Damodaran is arrested by the police and Shanmugavel challenges him to kill him. Eswari Pandian saves Damodaran from the police. What transpires later forms the crux of the story. Like Our Page

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