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Title: Unnai Ninaithu | Surya,Sneha,Lalila | Super Hit Tamil Movie HD

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Description: Video details - zW9ytwVyXdE : Watch fully HD Movie Unnai Ninaithu is a Indian Tamil film directed by Vikraman, starring Suriya, Laila,Ramesh Khanna, Charle,R. Sundarrajan and Sneha in the lead roles.Music composed by Sirpy.Surya (Suriya) works as a receptionist in a lodge in Chennai. He along with his friend Krishnamoorthy (Ramesh Kanna) manages the entire lodge. Actually the lodge is owned by Surya’s father but has been leased due to financial troubles. Radha (Sneha) is the daughter of the new manager for the lodge who stays next to the lodge along with her family. Radha gets attracted towards Surya seeing his good nature. But Surya tells his past love story to Radha. A few years back, Nirmala (Laila) lived in the same house where Radha lives now. Surya likes Nirmala and helps her family financially. Slowly Surya and Nirmala fall in love and Nirmala’s parents decide to get them married. Selvam (Ramji) is the friend of Surya who stays with Surya during his initial days. Later Selvam secures a good job and starts earning well. Selvam also gets attracted towards Nirmala and tries to impress her. Nirmala’s parents consider Selvam to be a better match for Nirmala as he earns more than Surya. They convince Nirmala to get married to Selvam.Surya gets heartbroken knowing this. But one day Surya finds Selvam in a shopping mall with another girl. Surya understands that Selvam has no intention of marrying Nirmala and is planning only for an illegitimate relationship with her. Surya informs this to Nirmala. But Nirmala misunderstands that Surya is trying to break her relationship with Selvam by cooking up false stories. Nirmala along with her family moves to a big house given by Selvam.The story comes to present and Radha is even more impressed listening to Surya's past love story. One day, Surya finds Nirmala and gets to know that Selvam has cheated her without marrying. Surya is worried seeing Nirmala and her family’s poor state and again offers help. Nirmala had plans of pursuing MBBS before. Surya helps her is writing the entrance examination. She gets admission only in a private medical college where fee is high. Surya sells his lodge to the lessee and gives the money to Nirmala to use it for education fee.Five years pass by and Nirmala completes her medical degree and gets a job posting also. Meanwhile Radha also remains unmarried as she loves Surya but she never expressed it to him. Nirmala is about to leave to another city for job along with her family. In the railway station, she conveys her intention of marrying Surya. But Surya denies saying that he knows Radha is in love with him and she has declined all the marriage alliances for the last 5 years waiting for Surya. Surya also says that Radha’s love is more genuine than Nirmala’s because Nirmala ditched him when she found a better guy than Surya. Radha overhears the conversation and feels happy. The movie ends with both Surya and Radha getting united.

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