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Title: Way of the Ninja (Shinobidô) [Eng-sub] - Japanese Full Movie

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Description: Video details - wyFFC58daLs : End of the Muromachi period – the late 16th century: The power of the Ashikaga government is on the decline after the Ōnin/Bunmei civil war. Civil unrest is on the rise and conflict rocks province after province. Even Utakata, long peacefully ruled by the House of Ichijō, is now threatened. It was thought that the combined protection of the House of Ichijō and the Asuka Ninja would preserve the peace in Utakata. But this time of peace came to an end when the Asuka Ninja clan was destroyed in a single night... The provincial lords, who had been watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike at Utakata, wasted no time in making their moves. And they were accompanied by rival ninja clans hoping to take the place of the Asuka Ninja. Besieged by rival governments and ninja clans, Utakata stands on the brink of war.

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